Redwood Rare Breeds

Chickens at Redwood Rare Breed. Illustrative Only.Redwood is a new rare breeds farm park in the making, located in the heart of the Mendip Hills, Somerset. Currently planned to open in Summer 2021, the rare breeds farm park will be a major new tourist attraction to both entertain and educate the general public about traditional and rare breeds of farm animals and farming practices. Field 725 is situated on land that forms part of the park.

The rare breeds farm park will conserve and protect the UK rare native breeds of farm animals and rare variety of produce using 21st century technologies in addition to traditional methodologies. The owners recognise the need for biodiversity in the countryside and therefore, hedgerows and boundaries creation is planned, a network of 3 ponds, hazel coppicing and wildflower verges are on the menu to help with the protection and conservation of wildlife.

As well as the range of animals onsite, there will be a new farm shop and cafe opening up which will be available for use by all guests of Field 725.




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