Family Games & Live Action Role Play Camp

We’re delighted to be partnering on this new event, developed in partnership with The Geeky Gamer, a local hub for all things fantasy and table top. Join us for a standalone LARP adventure weekend with added Warhammer, D&D, Board Games and many other activities for all the family. This is a chance to get you and your kids into a field to enjoy a range of role-playing and table top experiences, whilst camping in a beautiful spot or even taking advantage of one of our cosy glamping tent options.

What is LARP?

LARP is Live Action Role Playing. It’s something akin to participatory theatre with your character being swept up into a fantasy world and narrative. This LARP adventure is standalone and suitable for beginners and those more experienced. It will be a great way for those new to it to grasp game mechanics they can use to join the more established and ongoing LARP worlds in existence. The LARP activities will take place each day at different intervals.

What’s the premise of the LARP?

Haweslope Knoll is a small village situated on top of a hill surrounded by wild forest and marshland that remain inpenetrable to strangers for much of the year. To the outsider’s eye this idyllic, yet strategically located, village is the perfect place to live a peaceful life, and that is true for the most part. Once a year, however, it’s traditional for the village Alderman to organise a traders fair to celebrate the beginning of the Summer when the roads become passable and travellers abound. Adventurers, traders, and common folk alike all join this gathering to show off their wares, test their skills in a series of challenges and revel in the return of the warm sun.

Things are different this year…the village Alderman is nowhere to be seen, and a man claiming to be his heir is overseeing things instead. There are talk of strange challenges, many of the vendors seem uneasy, and there is a lot more muscle around than usual. What’s going on in Haweslope Knoll? Come along to find out….

What Board Games will be available?

We encourage you to bring your own favourite board games to play with friends and family or people you meet here at the camp. We will also be providing some games, from old classics like Risk and Monopoly, through to more modern creations such as Pandemic, Carcasonne, Ticket to Ride and Talisman. It’s a great time to try out something new or share your passion for a game with new people!

We’ll also be facilitating some friendly card games, from Poker to Aggravate on our special card tables in the Tavern. If that’s not enough, for those wishing to play other tabletop games, there will be several Warhammer tables with scenery, Magic The Gathering, and a DnD space.

Will my kids enjoy this?

Of course! There will be specific children’s activities laid on, including magical quests that will introduce them to the world of LARPing and teach real world skills. We encourage you to bring children and introduce them to the infinite possibilities of roleplay, board gaming, wild nature and a weekend away from those darned devices…

Event features include:-

  • Bespoke LARP Campaign over 2-days
  • Warhammer and Gaming Tables
  • Hosted DnD Tabletop Games
  • Board Games
  • Child-friendly LARP quests
  • Quests, Challenges and Competitions
  • Bushcraft Activities
  • Tavern with Tavern Games
  • Film Screenings
  • Acoustic Music and Fireside Storytelling
  • Camping included in ticket price
  • Glamping and Pre-Pitched Tent options available
  • Stalls
  • Weapons Hire
  • Delicious catering options
  • Suitable for ALL the family

Bring your own Warhammer, LARP costumes, Board Games and anything else you might want to join in and make the adventure happen!

Early Bird Weekend Camping Tickets available now from £65 per adult or £25 per child. Only 50 adult and 25 child tickets are available at this price. Visit our Events Page to Book.

To book any of our pre-pitched glamping accommodation, please email us at admin@field725.co.uk – You can have a look at options on our Accommodation pages. Prices will be reduced to take into account your ticket purchase.

Book on our Events Page now.

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