We’re delighted to have access to a 100-acre woodland at our new venue at Redwood Rare Breeds. Redwood itself holds 10 acres of woodland which is part of a much larger patch known as Breach or Dungehill Wood. The woodland is incredibly special, having existed for hundreds of years, and has mainly been left to go wild for the purposes of silvoculture.

The woodland is on the top of a hill but has a large amount of water running from it, creating one of the main sources of the River Frome. A resident of the hill believes there are over 15 springs here, many of which come together in deep rivulets before forming into a brook. The land beneath the woodland is a mixture of limestone, which has a network of underground caves within it, and forest marble. The woods themselves are very mixed but with predominantly young trees including hazel, willow, birch and some ash. The edges of the woodland have large oaks growing and there is an open section with mature beech trees. The woodland has permitted pathways in many parts which must be stuck to. Some areas are carpeted with bluebells in the Spring, and it is strongly requested you do not trample these as they are for the enjoyment of everyone!

Please do not wander away from the paths or in areas marked as dangerous.

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