Sports & Games

Field 725 has 5 acres of sports field next door which is home to Frome Town Robins and available for use for a kickabout. There are also woodland areas which are perfect for bushcraft, archery and other activities.

  • Volleyball: We have a professional volleyball net set up for your use, either for volleyball or badminton (or another game of your choosing!)
  • Boule:  Boule balls are available to borrow from the site office. Why not hook up with your neighbours and challenge them to a fun game of boule? Bring your own boules or pick up a set from our office.
  • Table Tennis: We have a table tennis table all set up and ready to enjoy. Great fun for kids and adults!
  • Indoor Activities: Our marquee will be up for most of the summer season with a range of indoor activities including Air Hockey and Pool and more. Sadly we have had to remove the board games due to COVID-19 regs.
  • Frisbee, Swingball & Other Activities: We have additional sets of garden games and other fun extras available to borrow from the campsite office. Just ask at reception!
  • Woodlands: For more free-floating fun, send your kids into the woods to explore the trails.
  • Play Areas: There is a climbing frame as well as a couple of sailing boats to enjoy.
  • Paddling Pools: Paddling pools are welcome! We can provide a hose to help you fill them.