BBQ & Fires

Each furnished pre-pitched accommodation unit comes with it’s own fire dish and grill. However, for those camping with us or using one of our unfurnished options, the following are available to rent.

Rent a BBQ: We can rent you a BBQ for you to enjoy an evening of al fresco dining. You never know, it might not rain…  £5 per night

Rent a Fire Dish: We can also provide you with a fire dish and a bag of firewood and kindling to get you going. £5 per night for the dish.

Firewood: £7 per large bag / £8 per bag with bundle of kindling and firelighters

Kindling: £5 for large bag / £1 per bundle

Charcoal: £7 for large bag / £5 for small bag

Firelighters: £2 per box

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