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23rd March 2020

It is with great regret that we will be closing Field 725 campsite until further notice. We will not be taking any further bookings prior to April 15th at the earliest. Freedom Camping Club, who provide our campsite certification, have mandated all their sites to close, after information received from the Department of Culture, Media and Sports.

Ultimately, this is the responsible thing to do, as difficult as it is. We will endeavour to contact any bookings affected by this, and firstly offer a postponement of their stay until later in the summer, or a credit note. In the circumstances, full refunds will be difficult, if not impossible, as we are going to struggle to stay afloat at the current time.

Please bear with us at this difficult time. Any concerns, please email us via admin@field725.co.uk

21st March 2020

New legislation came in yesterday mandating all pubs, restaurants, bars (in fact, all licensed premises), leisure facilities, etc, to close, with other businesses that create social gathering points to follow. It seems unlikely that the government will move to close campsites and hotels as it will just make people homeless, especially elderly couples who often take seasonal pitches on sites through the year.

We are reviewing how best to respond to the crisis, but are remaining open with limited pitches for now. We feel this is necessary given there are a LOT of freelance and self-employed workers from sports, music, events, etc, that are without places to be now their usual places of residence and employment are closed. We wish to help these people by providing a low cost facility, for a short time at least, with weekly discounted pitches. Please email us for details. We also have two beautiful glamping units fully functioning, each in an isolated woodland location.

Currently, our biggest concern is our liability for refunds and the effect this will have on our business, with the potential to finish off the business and campsite once and for all. We hope that customers who have already booked but now feel unable to come will work with at this time of uncertainty. We don’t currently have a date for setting up all our glamping units. The plan was to open for April 10th but this is currently under review as the costs entailed are high and currently unsustainable for us.

Meanwhile, should you choose to come and visit, we have increased our cleaning of toilets and showers and shared facilities. We have asked longer term guests to maintain rules around social distancing and generally respect needs of customers. Any concerns or questions, please email us.

17th March 2020

Things are evolving rapidly. Yesterday the British Government advised against attending all public gatherings, specifically naming pubs, restaurants, clubs, etc. Non-essential travel is also advised against. There is a big discussion taking place regarding what this means for hospitality providers such as ourselves, having not been told to shut down nor given a sense of the period this guidance is likely to be in place for.

At the current time, we remain committed to being open this Spring and Summer, whilst being aware of our responsibilities to protect those that come as best we can. Our feeling is that being outdoors in nature is one of the best places to be in this crisis, and may well be needed more than ever for health and wellbeing reasons. At the same time, we cannot pretend it is business as usual, it is not, there will be huge effects on our business and it will be a real test of our ability to cope with changing times. We are hopeful that we will do so. In the meantime, if you have any concerns regarding an existing or new booking, please get in touch with us directly via dan@field725.co.uk and we’ll try to offer as clear advice, guidance and support as we can.

12th March 2020

After the three years of uncertainty of Brexit, we have moved immediately into a new crisis with COVID-19.

As a hospitality provider, our duty is to look after those who use our facilities, be that for events, weddings, glamping or camping. In order to do so, we will be following the advice of Public Health England regarding additional sanitation measures and continue to monitor the situation as it develops. We are ensuring hot water is available to anybody staying with us, plus alcohol-based hand sanitiser.

On current measures, the peak of the virus will be in a few months time. There is no indication to suggest that measures will be taken to curtail small outdoor gatherings with less than 500 persons and certainly no indication of closure of accommodation providers like ourselves. Indeed, there is evidence to suggest that outdoor events and gatherings are low risk, as the virus can survive only for a short time out of doors. Camping may well remain a healthy option!

For more information about helping to prevent the spread of coronavirus, please visit: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

The current uncertainty is difficult for a small hospitality business such as ourselves, but we’re doing all we can to remain abreast of information and to ensure you continue to receive information from us that may affect your stay or use of the site. We are expecting the virus to have a significant impact on the operating of the business this year, but what, precisely, that impact might be, we do not yet know!

With thanks,

Dan and the Team @ Field 725

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