About Us

Our Field 725 Ethos…

Our Field 725 EthosWe look forward to your stay at Field 725. We believe in providing you with a close to nature experience that is relaxing, revitalizing and above all lots of fun.

Our model is that of the traditional French campsite with activities to enjoy, space to play and offering a distinctly family-friendly experience. We’re also influenced by Dutch and Belgian camping culture. The campsite is spacious and set in beautiful surroundings and we aim to maintain a balance between peace and a buzzing campsite life.

This is the kind of place where you’re welcome to light a fire (in a fire dish); have a BBQ; play your (acoustic) guitar or whatever else takes your fancy.

The campsite has sometimes been described as being like a festival without the hecticness and loud music. We like that 🙂 …not to say that there won’t be some music….

Why Field 725?

We searched long and hard for a name that worked. We’re all enthusiastic map lovers and so turned to scouring old maps for inspiration. It’s here we discovered that in historical Ordnance Survey maps up until the Second World War, the area of Critchill Manor Estate that we first used was designated with the rather catchy moniker of Field 725. Somehow, it stuck with us!

As a fine coincidence, all Ordnance Survey maps have been produced in Frome for generations.

Freedom Camping Club

Freedom Camping Club logoField 725 is a proud member and certified site of the Freedom Camping Club.

Freedom Camping Club is not a corporate business making million every year. Its a club run by people for people. Their sole aim is to facilitate the meeting of likeminded people, bringing together people who own caravan sites and camping facilities with people who want to enjoy caravanning and camping as a recreational activity.

They are a family orientated caravan and camping club whose purpose is to identify and make available safe and suitable locations for the purposes of enjoyment and engagement with the natural environment this country has to offer. They believe strongly that recreational camping and caravanning has a significant role to play in developing strong social family bonds and creating memories of family interaction which in today’s technology driven world is sometimes forgotten.

We encourage you to sign up and join Freedom Camping Club and support the spread of their good work. Membership is free and includes benefits such as discounts on insurance and at their campsites across the uk.



EU FlagWe have been supported by European Union Agricultural Fund for Rural Development LEADER funding for 2019-2020. The funding was granted through the Heart of Wessex Local Action Group as part of their work supporting the rural economy in this region.

The funding was allocated for support for purchasing of capital equipment to promote rural tourism in East Somerset and the Frome area. The funds allocated have allowed us to purchase items that will help the campsite and events business to grow and function more successfully through the whole year.

Critchill Manor Estate

Critchill Manor Estate is an 187-acre farm holding which was, until relatively recently, more commonly known as Frome Golf Club. The Estate was prior to that Critchill Manor Farm and has a Grade-2 manor house at it’s heart. The Estate is blessed with beautiful woodland, a lake and lovely riverside meadows. It’s also home to the local Frome Town Robins Football Club and available to hire for weddings and private events amongst other activities.


Frome has experienced a huge regeneration over the last 15 years, turning itself from a historical but relatively quiet market town into a thriving community renowned for its independent politics; its huge monthly market; its artisan industry; its innovation and social enterprise culture and much more. Widely credited in national media as one of the Top 10 places to live in the UK, Frome continues to grow and change as the years go by. We’re proud to be associated with this delightful town.

To find out more, visit http://www.discoverfrome.co.uk

To find out where we are, visit: https://field725.co.uk/find-us/